Fiction: The Vampire of Callum County

Fiction / Originally published in Timber Journal, Vol. 6.2 (Summer 2016)

“The thing was, everyone was saying the campers were killed by an animal—a wildcat in the woods. But Billy said his uncle said there was something not right about the bodies, that they were mangled but they’d been missing blood, too. And Lindsey’s dad had been hunting on the other end of Quapaw right before the first attack, and he’d caught a glimpse of something from his deer blind. He’d said it was real pale and moving unnaturally fast, and that didn’t sound like a wildcat, and anyway, no one had seen a wildcat in Callum County in like a hundred years, so why would one show up now?

It wouldn’t. Hashtag duh.

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Featured image by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash