Jessica June Rowe is an author, playwright, editor, and wannabe graphic designer. By day she drinks copious amounts of tea and manages clients in the world of digital marketing. By night she writes and writes and edits and sometimes drinks more tea. She is on the Editorial Board of Exposition Review and has served as both Editor-in-Chief and Fiction Editor. A Best of the Net nominee, her fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Gigantic Sequins, Atlas and Alice, Pidgeonholes, Timber Journal, and Noble/Gas Qtrly, while her short plays have been featured on multiple stages in Los Angeles. One of her poems is stamped into a sidewalk in Valencia, CA, where she currently lives with her two Yorkies. She also really loves chai lattes. Find her on Twitter @willwrite4chai.  

Here you’ll find samples of her work as well as various publications, productions, and designs.


…or you can feed the fish. :)

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