Fiction: “This Small World”

Fiction / Originally published in Noble / Gas Qtrly, Issue 202.4 “Electric Resistance” (Dec 2015), guest edited by Kenzie Allen

“Sometimes Anca wondered what it would be like to get up and walk away, too. The watching-people did it so easily. But for Anca, who had been in her box so long—she’d forgotten what it was like to move more than a centimeter this way or that.

If someone ever came to break the padlock that rested on top of her, a fat grey tumor growing out of her smoothness, she might not know how to unfold herself. She would have to be lifted out, and even then she’d stay box-shaped. Bereft of the comforting pressure of her container, she would struggle but never come untied, and all that air would make her feel weightless and empty.”

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